How to make an English reservation Written by Plusjun Studios


Thank you for visiting Plusjun studios.
Please copy and fill this format to make a reservation. We will respond as soon as possible.
If you want to deposit the total amount before visiting, please leave a note regarding the name of the depositer.

[Reservation format]

Name  :                                       ex) Eugenia Kim

Studio selection  :                     ex) Hongdae

Room selection  :                      ex) A/D

Date of shooting  :                    ex) 2018. 06. 30 sat

Shooting time  :                         ex) A 09-14 / D 14-18

Number of Employees  :      

Visiting vehicle  : 

Company name / Person in charge  : 

Shooting contents  : 

Contact :

E-mail : 

Name of depositor :

[Equipment Rental - optional]

Background paper : 1 Color 40,000 (   )

Background Cloth (Cream / Natural) : 1 Color 30,000 (   )

5D Mark III + Canon 24-70 L : 30,000 (   )

If you need other equipment rental (ex.telephoto lens or profoto lighting etc.) please use the equipment category.
Of course, you can leave a note of your need.

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Plusjun Studios

2009년 포토그래퍼의 작은 촬영 공간에서 시작된 플러스준 스튜디오는
현재 모든 컨셉의 촬영을 진행할 수 있는 서울 5개 지점의 스튜디오와 성수동의
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새로운 공간을 만들기 위하여 지속적인 노력을 기울이고 있습니다.

Head Office

57 Seongsui-ro 20gil
Seongdong-gu Seoul

+82 (0)70 4203 7722


Our Crew

  • Junsung Heo
    Founder, Photographer

  • Areum Lim
    Executive Manager

  • Minyeong Oh

  • Ina Chae

  • Hyang Lee

  • Hyeon Yeom

  • Hunjae Jang
    Assistant Photographer

  • Jinlee Choi
    Assistant Photographer

  • Yongho Lee
    Assistant Photographer

  • Jihye Song

  • Hyesung Moon

  • Taehwan Kim
    Assistant Manager

  • Eunho Choi
    Layer57 Barista

  • Minyoung Noh
    Layer57 Barista