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You may select a studio above that you want to rent and please fill in the blank according to the form :-)

1.Company/Kind of shooting:


3.Shooting Room:

◆PLUSJUN Yeonnam - Room B( ) Room C( ) Room D( ) Room E( )

◆PLUSJUN Hapjung - Room A( ) Room B( ) Room C( ) Room D( )

◆PLUSJUN Sungsan - Room A( ) Room B( ) Room C( )

◆PLUSJUN Hongdae - A( ) Room B( ) Room C( ) Room D( )

◆PLUSJUN Horizon - 1F( )

4.Shooing Time (Ex: B 10-14 / E 14-17)>:
*basically more than 2hrs(Each Room) - Yeonnam,Hapjung,Sungsan,Hongdae
*basically more than 3hrs(All) - Horizon


6.Account Holder:

7.Number of People:

8.Number of Vehicle

*You can park before 10min before shooting,if there is more than 1 car each room, Please use public parking lot.

9.Equipment Rental:


( )NO
( )5D Mark3 + 24-70L: 30.000won regardless of time.

( ) NO
( ) Lens 70-200mm: 20.000won
( ) Lens 100mm: 20.000won
( ) Lens 24-105mm: 20.000won
( ) Tripod: 5.000won
( ) Beauty dish: 5.000won
( ) Umbrella: 5.000
( ) Background Paper: 40.000 each

*Please write the colour if you want background Paper!

( ) i MAC 27inch 5K: 40.000 (only available at Horizon Studio)
( ) Profoto Acute2 2400 Value + Softbox 2: 10.000won/hr (Only available at Horizon/Hongdae Studio)
( ) Profoto B1 + Air ttl: 20.000won/hr , 100.000won/hrs (Only available at Horizon/Hongdae Studio)
( ) Profoto D1 + Air ttl: 20.000/hr , 100.000won/more than 5hrs (Only available at Horizon/Hongdae Studio)
( ) Profoto B1/D1 + Air ttl Out door Rental: 160.000won/24hrs
( ) Profoto Softbox : 5.000won (Out door Rental 10.000won)

** You can not order the background paper on the very day since its' availability changes everyday.
** Please carry you're ID card if you are to borrow equipment.
** If you need more information of equipment-rental, please contact us through the question board or on the cable.

[ Charge of Studio ]
- Yeonnam B,C,D (30.000won per hour/3people standard) / E (50.000won per hour/4people standard)
- Hapjung A,B (50.000won per hour/4people standard) / D (40.000won per hour/3people standard) / C (30.000won per hour/3people standard)
- Sungsan A,B (50.000won per hour/4people standard) / C (60.000won per hour/4people standard)
- Hongdae A,B,D (60.000won per hour/4people standard) / C (30.000won per hour/3people standard)
- Horizon 1F (200.000won per 3hours,additional time+50.000won per hour/4people standard)

**We estimate the price with extra charges of particular shootings.Such as furniture,commercial,fashion magazine,video.Please call us to 070-4203-7722.

[ How to use ]

01.You can only make booking online, calls are received only for simple counselling.
02.The reservation would be confirmed once you have transfered the deposit money 50.000won(100.000 to Horizon studio).Kookmin Bank 999-77-123456 / account holder : Heo Jun-Sung
03.Once you have not transfered the deposit money please inform us to be sure this booking has been cancled or confirmed.
04.You can not edit once you completed the reservation form.If you want to change form, please use question board on the left side.
05.You can only cancle booking on the cable and you can get the deposit money back if you cancle the booking at least 7days before the shooting day.
06.You have to pay the 50% of entire charge if you cancle the booking 3 days before and 80% of them if you cancle on the very day as canclellation money.
07.We estimate the time from entering the room to leaving the room,not on the shooting time.
08.Even if you finish the shooting ealrier than 6hrs, you still have to pay the whole charge as you wrote the form on reservation board.
09.Please check the schedule for the right time on the left board if you want to take a look of the studios.
10.We change the furnitures and props which are shown on the 'studio preview page'regularily.If there is something that you need please let us know before the shooting day.

Plusjun studio 070-4203-7722

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